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Unemployment in the Euro area drops further

According to the European statistics office Eurostat, unemployment in the euro area fell to 6.8 percent in March, the lowest level ever recorded in the bloc of countries. For the European Union as a whole, it is 6.2 percent of the working population.

‘Back to human’: Why HR leaders want to focus on people again

Chief human-resource officers in Europe say a shift to employee-centric policies is long overdue. The pandemic is a big factor in their thinking, but process fatigue has been building for some time.

Where will Switzerland be working after the COVID-19 pandemic?

As the coronavirus pandemic hit, companies turned to remote working as an experiment – unplanned, but largely successful. Now, many employees want to stay in their home office at least part of their working time.


Many of you may already know that good employee onboarding is proven to dramatically increase a new hire’s chance of staying with your organization as well as their general happiness at work.

Tips for Job Searching in 2022

If you are currently looking for work, what are your expectations for your next job?