Membership Fees


To become and ACF member one has to meet the ACF standards. In order to maintain these standards, we adopt the following process for a membership application: a completed registration form is submitted by the potential member. The ACF Head office receives the application and assesses whether the candidate meets the criteria for aspirant membership. The application will be taken to the member committee and board for approval.

Annual membership costs are Euro 500 excl. VAT.

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Companies in the career industry have to provide a truly high-quality service in order to be successful. This is where the ACF International certificate can be hugely beneficial. The ACF international certificate is a standard for quality career management. Implementing the certificate standards within your company is an especially effective means of ensuring the quality of your services and the efficiency of your processes. The certificate enhances the quality of your offering and achieves continuous improvement to your clients. New members apply for certification within 2 years after becoming an aspirant member. If the certification is not realized, the membership will end.

Certification costs are Euro 200 excl. VAT