The majority of the firms in the outplacement industry is a registered ACF member.

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Member firms are well established companies with a minimum of two years of experience in outplacement. Currently more than 140 companies are ACF International members, which represents a majority of the firms in the outplacement industry.

It is important to unite our voices and increase our influence with lobbying efforts that can influence political decisions impacting our industry and the services we offer.

In Germany, Austria and Switzerland members are organised in a chapter, a national association. In other countries where no chapter exists, members are informed directly via the ACF International Secretariat, currently located in The Netherlands.

Member firms are listed on this ACF International website. As the outplacement and coaching industry continues to evolve, so do the tools needed to best serve our clients in an ever demanding marketplace. ACF International invests in data intelligence to support their members. Members underwrite the code of conduct and ethics and adhere to the ACF Bylaws.

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