CRANET Study Report 2022 – HRM In Switzerland, People and Practices

As member of the Cranfield Network on International HRM (CRANET), the University of Lucerne – through its Center for Human Resource Management – explores current and future human resource management challenges and trends.

The latest study, issued in March 2022 and based on 174 organizations throughout Switzerland gives interesting insights on several HRM related topics. The results of the study provide snapshot information on the role and activities of HR departments. Here are some statements which might be relevant for our industry.

HRM in Organizations
“Organizations report a decrease in turnover rates compared to 2014 (from 9.6% to 7.0% voluntary turnover on average).” Is the “Great Resignation” which started in the United States in 2020, soon over? This will maybe give our industry new opportunities?

“Compared to the 2014 survey (…) the role of line management has increased for all types of major policy decisions” p. 10. Who are our contact persons? HR, purchase but in some extend also line managers. A new way to approach our partners?

Outsourcing in HR, pp 10-11
In 2021, 28.7 % of the surveyed organizations hired internally from within the organization’s HR department, rather than recruiting from outside the organization (in 2014, 22.9% ). What is the future role of external recruiters? Will they diversify their activities overlapping our core business? Should we strongly advise our candidates to apply directly to companies’ websites rather than through recruitment agencies? What is the importance of spontaneous applications through companies’ career websites?

Outplacement is outsourced by 48.2 % of the organizations. Can we leverage this opportunity?

The Effects of the Pandemic, p. 23
“Before the pandemic, the vast majority of the organizations (77.4%) used work from home for no more than 15% of their employees. During the pandemic, (…) almost half of the organizations had to implement work from home for more than 50% of their staff.” And further: “64.8% of the organizations continue to have more than 15% of their employees working remotely.”

These new trends address new challenges to our industry. ACF International is your platform for exchanging best practices.

Pletscher, M., Sender, A., Staffelbach, B. (2022). HRM in Switzerland: People & Practices. CRANET Study Report 2022. University of Lucerne.